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6th Annual #LardLovers Recipe Winners

36 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Crostatas with Crumb Topping33 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Spiceed Chocolate Orange Snickerdoodles11 Butter Pecan Stars by Jacqueline W. Riekena 1

~~ Top 8 Finalists ~~

~~2022 Recipe Submissions~~

0 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Amish Lard Fried Sugared Donuts
1 Pineapple Upside Buns 1
2 Pie Perfection 1
3 Lard Biscuits by Bryon Reap 1
4 Homemade Apple Pie 1
5 Cornbread
6 Crispy Chicken Taquitos in Tomato Broth 1
8 mawmaws corn casserole 1
9 Burssel Sprouts by Katherine Pickering 1
10 Crispy Pork Belly Tostones by Timothy Williamson 1
11 Butter Pecan Stars by Jacqueline W. Riekena
12 Tamales by Sherri Therrien
13 Homemade Dog Cookies 1
14 Polverones by Selia Moreno
15 Italian Vanilla Cookies by Lisa Pascuzzi 2
1 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Homemade Biscuits
2 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Greek Dip
3 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Corn Cake
4 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Tamale Dough
5 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Cutout Cookies
6 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Nutella Torte
7 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Sausage & Rice Casserole
2022 LardLovers Submissions Blk Cherry Lime Bread
24 – 2022 LardLovers Submission Gulf Shore Gumbo
25 – 2022 LardLovers Submission Classic Egg Tarts
26 – 2022 LardLovers Submission Ube Purple Yam Cream Cake
27 – 2022 LardLovers Submission Pineapple Celeriac Crackers
28 – 2022 LardLovers Submission Tender, Garlic Ukrainian Pampushky Rolls
29 – 2022 LardLovers Submission Strawberry Pie
30 – 2022 LardLovers Submission Mom’s Mexican Cornbread
31 – 2022 LardLovers Submission Apple Almond Rose Tart
32 – 2022 LardLovers Submission Cream & Sugar Pie
33 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Spiceed Chocolate Orange Snickerdoodles
34 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions – World Class Apple Pie
36 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Crostatas with Crumb Topping
37 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions French Fries
38 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Mexican Sweet Potato Corn Muffins
39 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Cheddar Pear and Pecan Pie
40 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Pie Crust
41 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Lard Chocolate Chip Cookies
42 – 2022 LardLovers Submissions Grandmas Prosciutto Bread

Past Contest Winners 2021

The people again have spoken – in this case, a group of judges skilled in the culinary arts – awarding top prizes to four contestants and their delectable creations, in Coast Packing Company’s Fifth Annual #LardLovers Recipe Contest.

Contest winner 1
Jamie Parchman
For her Unbeetable Carrot Cake, Jamie Parchman of Harlingen, TX, took top prize in the Sweet Category for a creation the judges called “a hit across the board by all tasters.” Jamie will receive a KitchenAid® Artisan® Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer (estimated retail value $430).
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Contest winner 2
Mary McShack
“A delightful recipe, a pleasure to make, and definitely a crowd pleaser. The sweetness from the cinnamon and brown sugar balanced the spicy sausage well. In sum, addicting.” Mary will take home a Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast Iron Oval Dutch Oven,valued at $300.
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Be sure to include in your recipe the following steps to ensure each items is fully descriptor and supplied with all the necessary steps. See Sample.

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Include Title of the Recipe

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Recipe Description

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Servings or Yield

Servings. Please indicate how much as pieces, cups, or portions

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Prep Time

Prep Time: The time to cut, slice, portion ingredients before combining to make dish, including cooling or refrigeration before serving.

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Cooking Time

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Please list the steps to make your creation, include storage for leftovers.

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Short Essay question

What makes lard special to you? A rich tradition, a fond memory, or a sweet recipe? Share your sweet story, handed down family recipe, or treasured memory cooking with lard.

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