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Deep Fry

Crisp-N' Dry
Heavy Duty Deep Fry Shortening

Crisp-N’ Dry

Made with 100% superior quality beef fat to maximize stability and durability, Crisp-N’ Dry is fully deodorized for unsurpassed flexibility in frying applications. This is an ideal deep frying medium for high volume foodservice operations with diverse products.
Fried chicken
Coast Refined Lard
Flagship Product

Coast Refined Lard

Coast Refined Lard provides the ultimate in versatility for cooking, baking and frying. With superior creaming properties and zero trans fats, it enhances the flavor of breads, makes pie crusts delectable and is ideal for traditional Hispanic and Asian cuisines. Whatever you’re making, Coast makes it better.
Flavor King
Heavy Duty

Flavor King

Engineered for heavy-duty deep frying, Flavor King Blue Refined Shortening is derived from select quality beef fat to maximize flavor, stability and durability, while being minimally processed. Bringing vintage goodness to fries (and more) without artificial trans fats or hydrogenated oils, Big Blue recalls the big taste consumers loved at chains in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.
Refined Shortening


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Refined A-V Shortening


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Gold Coast
Refined Lard

Gold Coast

Gold Coast, a truly refined all-purpose lard, is carefully processed to ensure superior results for baking and frying. Whatever you’re preparing, Gold Coast improves flavor. Use Gold Coast for premium baked goods, flaky pie crusts and heavy duty frying. With superior creaming properties, a high smoke point and longer fry life – and zero trans fats – Gold Coast is lard at its best.
All Purpose A-V Shortening


Supreme is Coast’s finest all-purpose A-V shortening, an adaptable mix of the highest quality beef fat and soybean and/or cottonseed oil, that is totally artificial trans fat-free and no hydrogenated oils. Delivering longer fry life and lower oil absorption, Supreme shines when baking cookies, breads and pastries — and truly kicks it up a notch for donut and fruit pie frying.