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7th Annual #LardLovers Recipe Contest

Think your recipe has what it takes to win?  Then enter your recipe now — It’s easy!

Just upload your own original recipe that includes lard below. Be sure to include a list of all ingredients, along with a clear photo of your finished dish. Only the best dishes will move on to the next round where our judging panel will taste test, and if your recipe is chosen, you’ll win one of these awesome prizes! Be creative, and have fun!

Note: Only one entry into each category/per person. Photos of entries will be posted below.

Submit your recipe here:

    LardLovers Recipe Submission Tips

    Be sure to include in your recipe the following steps to ensure each items is fully descriptor and supplied with all the necessary steps. See Sample.

    Step 1


    Include Title of the Recipe

    Step 2

    Recipe Description

    A brief description of the finished product, history, or tradition to pique the readers interest and provide an idea of finished product.

    Step 3

    Servings or Yield

    Servings. Please indicate how much as pieces, cups, or portions

    Step 4

    Prep Time

    Prep Time: The time to cut, slice, portion ingredients before combining to make dish, including cooling or refrigeration before serving.

    Step 5

    Cooking Time

    Time to cook at the stove, bake, fry or grill to prepare components, as well as recipe ingredients.

    Step 6


    Please use U.S. weights and measurements for each ingredient.

    Step 7


    Please list the steps to make your creation, include storage for leftovers.

    Step 8

    Short Essay question

    What makes lard special to you? A rich tradition, a fond memory, or a sweet recipe? Share your sweet story, handed down family recipe, or treasured memory cooking with lard.

    Recipe tips

    2023 Recipe Submissions


    Past Contest Winners 2022

    The people again have spoken – in this case, a group of judges skilled in the culinary arts – awarding top prizes to four contestants and their delectable creations, in Coast Packing Company’s Sixth Annual #LardLovers Recipe Contest.

    Teresa Cardin
    1st Prize: Gluten-Free Triple-Berry Crostatas with Crumb Topping
    Sarah Meuser
    2nd Prize: Spiced Chocolate Orange Snickerdoodles

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