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Authentic Flavor, Sustainable Lifestyle.

Heritage fats bring traditional, authentic flavor that’s unparalleled in recipes and is a natural alternative to highly processed vegetable oils.

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Better Value for Increased Profits

Lard, beef tallow, and trans fat-free vegetable shortenings save you money — they’re shelf-stable, need no refrigeration, and don’t oxidize like their hydrogenated vegetable counterparts.

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Embracing Today’s Food Culture

Consumers are recognizing the health benefits of minimally-processed animal fats and shortenings both at restaurants and in their homes.

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Ask Chef Greg

Have a question about using lard or beef tallow to extract maximum flavor from that venerable family recipe?  Wondering about the nuances of baking and frying for your next holiday gathering?  Want to use animal fats creatively while improvising a bit?  Consider putting your question to Greg Hozinsky, Coast’s Corporate Chef, who’s been there and done that at some of Southern California’s finest restaurants.  Drop us a note.


Traditional animal fats are on trend for flavor, wellness and sustainability

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Coast Packing Shows How to Make Father’s Day Burgers a Total Smash
Why just grill a hamburger when you can smash it? That’s the 640-calorie question this Father’s Day as Greg Hozinsky, Corporate Chef for Coast Packing, the number one supplier of animal fat shortenings in the Western United States, serves up a delectable recipe for smash burgers.
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When we first tasted…

the Flavor King Beef Tallow product, we were all impressed with the flavor profile, the color and crisp texture of our French fries, and the minimal amount of oil that permeated the interior of the fry. While we made our decision based on taste, we were thrilled when healthy food bloggers raved about the health benefits of natural animal fat oil.

Jake Hickton | Burger Monger

Congrats to COAST from Chef Duff

In 2022, Coast Packing celebrated 100 years as America’s Flavor King – but don’t take our word for it. Listen to Food Network star Duff Goldman, who’s all in as Coast, the country’s second biggest supplier of lard and beef tallow marked a major milestone.

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