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Contests | June 28, 2023

#BeefTallowFrenchFries Tweet-to-Win Contest

#BeefTallowFrenchFries Tweet-to-Win Contest

Yay — it’s contest time again! Back for another helping, our annual #BeefTallowFrenchFries Tweet-toWin Contest kicks off soon! Diners and Foodies alike — we are craving your tweets proclaiming your favorite beef tallow French fries served at your local restaurant. Which restaurant has yours?

Back in the day, beef fat fries were what helped make a certain major burger chain famous! Beef tallow is a delicious (and healthier) way to cook French fries and we want to highlight the flavor of this authentic and natural cooking fat.

Not sure if your favorite local fries are fried in beef tallow? Check our map or ask the manager what they fry their fries in!

To enter — just tweet us and win! Snap a shot of your tallow fries, upload and use hashtag #beeftallowfrenchfries and tag us at @CoastPackingCo. But be sure they are made with beef fat, no soggy veggie oil fries allowed!

Who knows…you just might take home one of three prizes while celebrating delicious fries near you!