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Dining Out | May 05, 2021

#TasteMap - Refried Beans Edition

#TasteMap - Refried Beans Edition

LARD. It remains a staple in traditional Mexican cooking, showing up in dishes like refried beans, tamales, carnitas and more. But unfortunately, not all restaurants cook with it, instead opting to use cheap industrially-processed vegetable oils instead. Well, we did some digging just in time for #CincoDeMayo and we have mapped some select eateries where locals can now find and #TastetheDifference lard makes in mega-burritos and creamy refried beans!

Among the can’t-miss places: El Tepeyac Cafe #1 in Boyle Heights, home of “Manuel’s Special” burrito, weighing in at more than 5 lbs! Also on the map: Gilbert’s El Indio Restaurant, Yuca’s Restaurants, Al & Bea’s Mexican Food, Lupe’s Burritos, Tito’s Tacos, and La Indiana Tamales, among many more!

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