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Animal Fats | February 14, 2018

Voicemail for Martha

Voicemail for Martha

So, Jack in the Box & Martha Stewart are in an “All Out Social Media War” #JACKvsMARTHA. Jack has tweeted Martha’s ” phone # ” to leave her a message. So we at Coast Packing Co. are asking her to get Jack to switch back to #beeftallow for frying.


Hi Martha,

I know you are really into quality, flavor, and health too, so why don’t you pull some strings and get Jack in the Box to switch back to frying their french fries in #BeefTallow like they used to? Not only will it produce a crispier, more flavorful french fry, but frying in natural #BeefFat is healthier than frying in chemically processed industrial veg oil. So come on Martha, be a nudge… and voilà , we’ll get healthier, tastier french fries!

PS Can you say hi to @SnoopDogg for me? #BringBackTallowFries #FrenchFriesFriedRight @JackBox @SnoopDogg #JackVsMartha