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March 25, 2016

Phil Hulett and Friends

Phil Hulett and Friends

Listen to the podcast here (our segment begins 66.15 minutes in):

The Tough to Pick a Headline Episode

So much to chose from but we could get in trouble so quickly. For instance, does “Vaginal Seeding” sound good for a headline? Dr. Kathi Fry tells us what that is. When we say, “French fries blanched in tallow,” do you say, “Yum” or do you run to the salad bar to gather up some kale? A leading animal fat supplier joins us to talk about changing attitudes among millennials about lard. The Sports Princess picks the winner of March Madness. Manny the Movie Guy has good news and bad news for DC comics fans. Chris Martin has a horrible accident on a nature hike, and we describe it. Gonzo Greg Spillane joins Phil on the show, and they cover these stories: The Rolling Stones play Cuba, Microsoft’s AI Chat bot isn’t smart enough for dumb people. R.I.P. Garry Shandling. All of Playboy is for sale. Should Axl Rose front AC/DC? The Google Maps “Oops” of the week. The Chrome extension that washes your mouth out with soap. Is James Cameron creepy? The GTA Deer Mod. Modern men cry a lot. And finally, the dancer who set her crotch on fire…on purpose…during a dance competition. It didn’t go well.