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March 26, 2018

Consumers No Longer Fear All Fats

Consumers No Longer Fear All Fats

There’s no reason to fear eating fats, as long as they’re the right fats. Included in a healthy diet, healthy fats boast several potential health benefits. Consumer demands for healthier, clean and simpler, GMO-free and organic products are also accelerating the development of healthier fats and oils.

The U.S. dietary fats and oils picture is changing as consumers’ understanding of fat and oil evolves. Americans are putting less blame on dietary fats and oils for health troubles, as they recognize certain types can make positive health contributions. Millennials and generation Z, in particular, seek out specific dietary fats and oils, such as beef tallow and ghee for their health benefits. Fats used to be regarded as the bane of good nutrition back when the 1980 Dietary Guidelines for Americans were released. New findings from Ipsos and Coast Packing Co. now show those over 35 are actually more open to consuming animal fats.

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