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February 25, 2021

Coast Packing Team Returns to Georgia For Lights Out 12 With World’s Quickest Radial Car – and Refreshed ‘#FatMap229’

Coast Packing Team Returns to Georgia For Lights Out 12 With World’s Quickest Radial Car – and Refreshed ‘#FatMap229’



Photo: Chris Sears


Returning to South Georgia Motor Sports Park (SGMP) in Adel on February 25-28 with radial tires and 3,500 horses in tow, Coast Packing Company’s R&E Racing will uncork its ’69 Noonan Hemi ProCharger Pro Mod Camaro at Duck X Productions’ “Lights Out 12” with “takeout or delivery” #FatMap229. For the event, Coast CEO Eric R. “Goose” Gustafson will yield the wheel to veteran driver Jason Lee.

Showcasing the “baddest Radial vs. the World” cars, Duck X Productions LLC will welcome R&E Racing’s return to Adel, just months after its appearance in October’s Sweet 16 3.0 and its runner-up finish at SGMP at “No Mercy,” the week after Sweet 16 3.0 – “a pretty incredible feat considering it was the first time the car raced on Radial tires,” Gustafson says.

For this pre-season stop, Coast Packing, the leading supplier of animal fat shortenings in the Western U.S., has assembled a refreshed and expanded online gastronomic #FatMap229, highlighting local spots where fans can “Taste the Difference” that lard and beef tallow make in popular dishes, for take-out or delivery.  Proximate to Valdosta, Georgia, Tallahassee and Jacksonville, Florida, and the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Adel is part of the taste of the deep South. #FatMap229 shines a light on 57 take-out and/or delivery spots in 32 cities unified by an embrace of the farm fats that define Southern cooking.

Beef tallow fries are on offer at FLIP Burger Boutique and Biltong Bar in Atlanta, as well as at Basecamp, located on Kennesaw Mountain in Marietta.  You can stock up on beef fat at Marview Farms in Arabi, beef fat and lard at Mountain Valley Farm in Ellijay, and at The Spotted Trotter in Atlanta. Praise the Lard BBQin Buford stays faithful to pork fat, while Rodeo Mexican Restaurant in Valdosta, among other locations, uses lard in its refried beans; Cracker Barrel Old Country Store cooks with lard across an array of dishes.  Lift the lid and you’ll find beef tallow in the fryers at Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and Outback Steakhouse.

South Georgia Motor Sports Park, always a tremendous venue, lies in the heart of Cook County, an area home to a wealth of spots steeped in time-tested Southern cooking traditions,” Gustafson said.  “In terms of freshness, flavor and texture, foods made with farm fats like lard and beef tallow are natural standouts, which is why we’re so delighted when consumers taste for themselves, as they can from Valdosta to Tifton to Atlanta.”

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