It’s back! Our Annual #BeefTallowFrenchFries Contest has now started — Enter Here!

Animal Fats | July 03, 2021

Coast Packing Co. to Mark #NationalBeefTallowDay With Fourth Annual #BeefTallowFrenchFries ‘Tweet-to-Win’ Contest

Coast Packing Co. to Mark #NationalBeefTallowDay With Fourth Annual #BeefTallowFrenchFries ‘Tweet-to-Win’ Contest

Back for another helping, the Fourth Annual #BeefTallowFrenchFries “Tweet-to-Win” Contest kicks off on July 5th, a fitting lead-in to #NationalBeefTallowDay on July 13, Coast Packing Company announced today.

Coast is once again hungry for the public’s most poetic/ecstatic/witty/tasty tweets proclaiming their desire for beef tallow (that is, beef fat) French fries.  Back in the day, beef fat fries were what helped make a certain major burger chain famous.  The “Tweet-to-Win” Contest is a golden (pun intended) opportunity for participants to take home some bounty while celebrating #NationalBeefTallowDay, which also happens to be #NationalFrenchFryDay.  Prizes include:

Home chefs: Diners:

To ensure a level playing field during COVID, this year’s Tweet-to-Win contest will showcase restaurants making their tallow fries available on a dine-in, take-out or delivery basis.  At the conclusion of the contest, Coast will release an updated version of the Ultimate French Fry List, which made its debut on National Beef Tallow Day in 2019.

Fry-lovers have two ways to enter: submit a favorite restaurant that features beef tallow French fries by including the hashtag #BeefTallowFrenchFries and tag @CoastPackingCo, or submit a home-cooked version of tallow fries, with the hashtag #beeftallowfrenchfries and tag @CoastPackingCo — it’s Coast’s way of celebrating all the home cooks out there still hunkering down during the pandemic.  Photos of the French fries should be included along with the tweet.  Coast Packing will select the winning tweets based on originality and creativity, and announce the winner by August 1.

An initiative of The Healthy Fats Coalition, #NationalBeefTallowDay is a celebration of a traditional animal fat – pure beef tallow shortening – that is now enjoying a resurgence within America’s food culture, in restaurants, fast food operations and home kitchens.

“For consumers, the message of our ‘Tweet-to-Win’ contest is, ‘capture the deliciousness in 280 characters and you can fry in style – at home,’” said Eric R. Gustafson, Coast Packing CEO.  “This year, amid the pandemic, we’re making a special effort to showcase those restaurants committed to preparing beef tallow fries for take-out or delivery, and those dedicated home cooks working the kitchen.

“In terms of freshness, flavor and texture, there really is no comparison to beef tallow French fries, which is exactly why we’re so delighted when consumers can taste for themselves,” Gustafson said.  “Toward that end, we at Coast Packing are continuing our efforts to demonstrate that farm fats like tallow are tasty, traditional and amazingly palate-pleasing.  We encourage everyone to tweet their love for French fries fried in beef tallow far and wide.”