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June 05, 2024

Malasadas: The Perfect Hawaiian Treat

Malasadas: The Perfect Hawaiian Treat

A recipe by Chef Greg Hozinsky, Corporate Chef of Coast Packing Co.

My family and I had the great fortune of vacationing in Hawaii a while back. During our trip, we stumbled upon some incredible donuts that we instantly fell in love with. I was determined to figure out how to recreate these delightful treats at home. These donuts are warm, light, and fluffy, with just the right sweetness, while the bread flour gives them the perfect amount of chewiness. 

Let’s face it—donuts have a way of bringing back unforgettable memories, and this recipe reminds me of our wonderful vacation and treasured family time. 

When preparing meals for my family, I always aim to use wholesome ingredients, which is why I opt for beef tallow when frying. Not only is the fat minimally processed, but it also adds depth of flavor and complexity to the finished donuts, resulting in a delightful, non-greasy end product.

Originally from São Miguel in the Azores and brought over by Portuguese settlers in 1427, these delightful treats have become a beloved staple in Hawaiian cuisine. The name “malassada” may mean “poorly cooked,” but we can assure you that these malasadas are anything but! With a crisp, sugary exterior giving way to a soft and doughy crumb inside, or whether you enjoy them plain or filled with custard or pudding, each bite is bursting with island flavor. 


To dive deeper into the history of this popular doughnut and find out how a Portuguese recipe became famous in Hawaii, read this article via @Eater: