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February 24, 2021

Lee Nails New RVW Record to Pace Day One Lights Out 12

Lee Nails New RVW Record to Pace Day One Lights Out 12




Jason Lee knew the timing meant everything. If he wanted to be the first Radial vs. The World racer to run in the 3.40s, there was no time to waste.

During the first qualifying session at the Lights Out 12, in the first pair down the highly-prepared South Georgia Motorsports Park, Lee went to the top of the qualifying list and established the quickest mark in small tire racing with a 3.502 elapsed time at 211.46 miles per hour.

Just how stout was Lee’s first hit? Bryan Markiewicz was second quickest with a 3.567, while Marcus Birt was third with a 3.584.

“I wanted to go right to the front,” said Lee, who ran 3.507 in Tuesday testing. “The chances are if we had waited a little bit, the air would have come down 100 feet. The air was slightly worse than it was last night, and the track was a little better.”

For Lee, he admits he and his team threw everything they had at it.

“We have nothing left horsepower-wise,” Lee admitted. “All we can try to do is get more aggressive down-low to try and achieve it. That’s where we are at right now. I believe we have one more night that we can try to achieve it. Beyond that, the air will get out of reach, and the car will slow down to the mid-3.50s.”

Lee believes there is a 3.40 out there to be had.

“The math tells us that we could go a 3.48,” Lee said. “If all the stars and planets align right.”

Lee and the Eric Gustafson-owned team are competing in only their fourth Radial vs. The World event.

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