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The US consumers are confused about trans fats and how much of hydrogenated fatty acids can be consumed in an average diet, according to a survey of the Coast Packing Company and Ipsos Research.  Nearly two-thirds of American adults believe or all trans fats are unhealthy or do not understand the health issues associated with trans fats in food.

The poll of one thousand American adults, sought to understand how informed were people on fats that raise cholesterol.  The research revealed that the “vast majority” was not aware of the different types of trans fats, with many ignoring the fact that not all trans fats are equal.  The survey also showed that people with higher income (more than $ 50,000 per year) limited plus food shopping with trans fats (40% of respondents in this group), while among those with lower income than that, this number It dropped to 30%.

Eric Gustafson, CEO of Coast Packing Company, said people are not educated about the nutritional differences between trans fats naturally occurring and artificial occurrence.  “It is important to recognize, first of all, the natural composition of lard and beef tallow.  It contains no artificial trans fats which may be found in hydrogenated fats.  We strongly believe that these products are best when minimally processed, which is consistent with all the movement in the area of ​​food and gastronomy now.  Moreover, the poly-unsaturated fat in lard and tallow are higher than in other fats and oils, so that there is no real benefit. ”

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