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US consumers are confused about trans fats and how much of the hydrogenated fatty acid can be consumed in an average diet, according to a new study.

Almost two-thirds of American adults either believe that all trans fats are unhealthy or don’t understand the health aspects associated to the trans fats in food, a consumer survey from Coast Packing Company and Ipsos Research has revealed.

“A great many consumers don’t understand the difference between artificial and natural trans fats because they simply haven’t been told,” said Eric Gustafson, CEO of Coast Packing Company, which describes itself as the leading supplier of animal fat shortenings in the US west.

Artificial vs. natural trans fats

The survey of 1,000 adults sought to understand how informed American citizens are when it comes to the cholesterol-raising fat. The report revealed that “a vast majority” were not aware of the different types of trans fats, with many ignorant of the fact that not all trans fats are created equal.

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