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Beef Tallow | November 24, 2021

For the Love of French Fries: Coast Packing Company’s Refreshed Ultimate #TallowFriesFatMap Nears 500 Locations

For the Love of French Fries: Coast Packing Company’s Refreshed Ultimate #TallowFriesFatMap Nears 500 Locations

If you’ve got a hankering for beef tallow French fries –increasingly recognized as the definitive way to dress a potato – you’re in fat city, thanks to Coast Packing Company’s latest refreshed map of places to score these exceptionally tasty spuds from sea to shining sea: To find the Best Fries in the World {click here}

So stop searching for those fries in vain and check out the newly updated Ultimate #TallowFriesFatMap from Coast Packing, the West’s largest supplier of animal fat shortenings.  Coast originally compiled the list as a way of memorializing #NationalBeefTallowDay, which happens every July 13 alongside #NationalFrenchFryDay.

“Seeking America’s best fries?  Look no further — our ‘living’ Ultimate #TallowFriesFatMap delivers on the promise of Coast’s ongoing ‘Taste the Difference,’ campaign,” said Eric R. Gustafson, Coast Packing CEO.  “If you’ve ever had beef tallow fries, you know what we mean.  And if you haven’t yet, I suspect our map will entice you to find and try them (and, yes, taste the difference).  You’ll never want to go back – they’re that good.”

Now a fixture on the Coast Packing website, the latest Ultimate #TallowFriesFatMap showcases tallow fries on offer in 489 locations in more than 300 cities across 45 states.  Consumers interested in contributing to the Ultimate #TallowFriesFatMap can do so by emailing

Among the two dozen latest additions are these:

Traveling generally from east to west, diners can get their beef fat fries fix at: Worthy Kitchen in Woodstock, VT and now, Worthy Burger Too, in Waitsville, selling Wagyu beef tallow French fries; Peter Luger in Brooklyn; The Bourse Philadelphia in the City of Brotherly Love; in Virginia, Bside in Fairfax and Pure Eats in Lexington; Hello, Sailor in Cornelius, NC; Fire & Smoke in Myrtle Beach, SC (featuring hand-cut fries, fried in beef tallow, truffle sea salt, freshly grated reggiano and house-made ketchup); Michael Jordan’s Steakhousein Chicago; Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill in Dallas (look for tallow fries, salted with a special seasoning); Bayou & Bottle in Houston; Salt + Smoke in St. Louis; Clove & Hoof in Oakland; Edendale in Los Angeles; and, along the Pacific, The Arthur J and The Strand House in Manhattan Beach.

An initiative of The Healthy Fats Coalition, #NationalBeefTallowDay is a celebration of a traditional animal fat – pure beef tallow shortening – that is enjoying a resurgence within America’s food culture, in restaurants, fast food operations and home kitchens.

“In terms of freshness, flavor and texture, there really is no comparison to beef tallow French fries, which is why we’re so delighted when consumers can taste for themselves,” Gustafson said.  “Toward that end, we at Coast Packing encourage tallow fries lovers to help make this the definitive go-to guide to finding and savoring French fries fried right.  As writer/social critic/food lover Malcolm Gladwell  tweeted:”

Have a favorite restaurant that offers beef tallow French fries?  If so, drop Coast an email at and the company will add it to the Ultimate #TallowFriesFatMap.