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Consumers Display Understanding of Healthy Animal Fats

November 5, 2018

Youth and gender were found to play a big part in openness to healthy animal fats according to the fourth annual Coast Packing Company/Ipsos Animal Fats Study. Consumers are recognizing that not all fats are created equal or play an identical role in a balanced diet. The study polled 1,000 adults nationwide on their attitudes and consumption patterns. Respondents were asked whether they were more or less open to animal fats, and whether those views extended to actual behavior.

The study found that men are almost twice as open to animal fats as women and that younger respondents are three times more open than their elders (18-34 year-olds, compared to those ages 35+). Americans with children in their households were found to be significantly more open to animal fats — 14 percent compared to Americans without children in their household at 8 percent. When asked “why are you more open to animal fats in your diet?,” consumers said they believe animal fats are healthier than plant-based fats and that less evidence shows that animal fats are harmful.