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It’s National French Fry Day – Do You Know Where Your Potato Strips Have Been?

July 13, 2016

Today, July 13, is National French Fry Day — and there’s a common theme among the best-of-the-best deep fried potato strips across America.  According to a new Mental Floss article on the “Best French Fries in 50 States”, 20 percent (10 of 50 states) were all in for duck fat, beef fat (beef tallow), lard or goose fat as the preferred animal fat for deep frying.  Beef tallow made the best fries in Vermont, California and Hawaii.  Lard made its mark in Washington’s hand-cut swine fries, and duck and goose fat were the animal fats of choice in the Midwest (North Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska) and from Louisiana and South Carolina up to Maine.

With 20 percent of the states with the best fries opting for animal fats, it may have something to do with the fact that animal fats are actually healthy fats — minimally processed, and good for you.  And, by the way, they help make food taste amazing.

Check out our “DID YOU KNOW?” Artificial Trans Fats: Harmful to Your Health infographic to see how the healthy trans fats in lard and beef tallow – as opposed to the artificial, toxic trans fats found in heavily processed oils and foods — are finding their way back into a healthy diet.

Bon appétit!